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We, at Coastal Bend Kitchens, understand the important role played by kitchens in making one’s house a home. No matter what, they are the binding force and should always be in accordance with the choices of the occupants of the house. With over 50 years of experience in the kitchen and bathroom remodelling industry,you can put your trust in Coastal Bends to provide you the perfect customised kitchen within your budget. Our skilled team of professionals studies and understands all your needs, discusses the most suited alternatives with you and then executes the task of revamping your kitchen. You will not be disappointed if you let us take care of your requirements. Let us help you make your dream home a reality. We cater to both residential and commercial bathrooms and kitchen remodelling services. Contact us now to know more.


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They were very responsive, and gave us a reasonable quote for our kitchen remodel. His prices and timelines seemed doable. His team came out and spent 3 weeks turning our kitchen from an eyesore to a statement piece of our home. The kitchen turned out great, and all within our budget....

They transformed the typical subdivision bathroom into an oasis. I now have the WetRoom styled bathroom I desired. I had asked other contractors but the only ones willing to listen to my concept and execute it was Coastal Bend Kitchens. The crew was phenomenal. There was consistent open communication, they followed through to completion...

This was my first encounter with a large construction project on my home but the Coastal Bend Kitchens team was well versed and knew how to handle all the hiccups along the way. They were dealt with professionally and just the right amount of care. I changed my mind often and I was overwhelmed at times.. I can honestly say I'm glad I picked them for the Job!..